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Skilled Attorney Representing Medical Malpractice Cases in Clayton

When you visit a doctor or undergo surgery, you expect the doctor, nurse and other medical staff to treat you properly to heal you, not make you worse. Unfortunately, the medical community has been known to occasionally make mistakes that lead to increased injury, illness and even death. When you believe your doctor has contributed to injury rather than healing, it is your right to claim a medical malpractice lawsuit. Allen H. Surinsky, P.C., Attorney at Law, has been helping residents of Clayton through the legal process since 1952.
If you feel you have been victim to negligence that lead to further problems, you might have cause for a suit. Any sort of improper doctor-patient relationship also falls under the purview of malpractice. Other common types of malpractice include improper treatment, failure to diagnose and failure to warn a patient of known risks.

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The medical community has a code by which they practice to cause no harm to a patient. When they make a mistake that leads to injury or other problems, it can have long-reaching consequences. You can experience pain and/or mental anguish for a significant period of time that leads to much higher medical costs. You may also become unable to work for a period of time or become permanently disabled. You might be able to get compensated for damages including:
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Additional medical bills
  • Lost work and lost earning capacity​

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When you feel that your doctor or medical facility have not treated you properly, it is your right to sue for malpractice. At Allen H. Surinsky, P.C., Attorney at Law, we have years of experience working in malpractice and negligent law, which might help to increase your chances of a positive outcome. Call us in Clayton today at 314-721-5900 to discuss your case with a medical malpractice attorney. Our lawyer can also discuss any potential workers' compensation needs that you may have.

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