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Leading Social Security Lawyer in Clayton, Missouri

Although you hope to never have to use your Social Security and disability benefits, they are there when you experience an injury or illness that prevents you from working for longer than a year. If you feel you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSI and SSDI) benefits, it is beneficial to talk with a Social Security attorney to find out your eligibility and potential compensation. Working with disability attorneys, such as those at Allen H. Surinsky, P.C., Attorney at Law, can help you to get through the process and ensure that you fill out the application correctly to increase your chances of a positive outcome. We have helped residents of Clayton for over 60 years, as they seek help to claim their benefits.​​

Let Us Help Improve Your SSI & SSDI Approval Chances

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Hiring a Social Security lawyer may help your case, because it improves your chances of approval. Although it is possible to get your claim approved without a lawyer, statistics show that those who have an attorney on their side are more often approved than those who go it alone. The application for SSI and SSDI can be complicated. You have to send in documentation that proves you have a disability, shows your disability is on the list of impairments and demonstrates that it prevents you from working for at least 12 months or will eventually lead to death. Working with someone familiar with Social Security law may help you to correctly fill out the applications, and you also will have a knowledgeable individuall fighting on your behalf to increase the chances of a positive outcome.

Has Your Application Been Denied? We Can Help.

If you are ready to fill out your application for Social Security or disability benefits, or you have been denied your claim and wish to fight, an experienced Clayton disability lawyer may be able to help you. We might also be able to provide help with other legal matters, including when you need a personal injury attorney. Call us today at 314-721-5900 to discuss your situation.