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Expert Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Clayton

When you are injured on the job, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. This does not just apply to those who work in construction, manufacturing or other high-risk jobs. Any work injury that happens while on the job can make you eligible to receive workers' comp. Working with a workers' comp attorney can help you to get the benefits for which you are eligible. Allen H. Surinsky, P.C., Attorney at Law, has over 60 years of experience helping clients in Clayton receive compensation for injuries.
The most common injuries are sprains and strains, followed by bruises and contusions. Many workers lift heavy objects and hurt their backs, slip and fall or simply suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. A harmful environment causing illness, such as black mold in the workplace, also falls under the purview of workers' compensation.

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As soon as you can after a work injury, you should file a claim with your HR department. One of the most common reasons workers' comp claims are denied is simply because it was filed late or incorrectly. Working with a lawyer might help you handle the paperwork or fight any denied claims so you can get the compensation you deserve. Working with a workers’ compensation attorney is very important if you have an injury that your employer denies happened at work. Most insurance companies and employers will try hard to reject claims, but working with a lawyer provides you with a professional to work on your behalf.

We Represent Employees With Denied Claims

When your workers' comp claim is denied, do not simply give up. It is your right to appeal, and you can increase your chances of a positive outcome by hiring one of the seasoned lawyers at Allen H. Surinsky, P.C., Attorney at Law. Call us today at 314-721-5900 to discuss your situation, and be sure to call us any time that you require an insurance claim attorney in Clayton, Missouri.
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